Automatic Automatic Restart Management

By | August 10, 2013

Automatic Restart Management (ARM) is a great think but complicated to implement into an existing application.  The main subsystems will handle it, such as CICS, IMS, etc.  But for your homegrown servers, it’s a roll your own proposition.  One would think so, anyway.

There is a little known document, a Red Paper that never made it to a full-fledge IBM Redbook,  z/OS Automatic Restart Manager from 2002, that really clears up the confusion and makes ARM easy to implement.  If you need ARM for a subsystem that doesn’t support it, you want this book and its supplemental materials, ARMWRAP.  Once you have done the proper setup which is mostly security related and setting up a pair of ARM couple datasets, you are ready to go.  Add a new ARMWRAP jobstep to the address space that registers the address space to ARM and you’re basically done.

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