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CICS Data Table Full alert

Oops, one of the CICS data tables in our system filled up, and, unfortunately, the application did not report the NOSPACE condition or even abend when it ran into the problem.  So, I guess that makes it the system programmer’s responsibility to detect. (That was a bit of sarcasm.) Can we detect this condition with… Read More »

Validating an email address format in CICS with <regex>

In an earlier post, I used regexec() to validate an email address format and found that regexec() does not support non-capture  groups.  Well, I didn’t really need them, but let’s see if we can get this support by using the Standard C++ Library <regex> template function which does support non-capture groups which is part of… Read More »

Validating an email address format in CICS

Faced with the requirement to edit for a valid email address format from a CICS application, one developer was using the java regular expression support which necessitated starting up a JVM Server in multiple CICS regions at about 90MB of storage per region.  I think the developer must have gotten the regular expression to use… Read More »

Need a Translate Table? – Unicode Services Edition

In an earlier post I discussed generating translate tables using CDRA and promised that I might cover doing the same using Unicode Services.  Well, here is the update. In many respects, using the Unicode Services character conversion routine CUNLCNV is quite a bit simpler than the CDRA interface. cunitbl.c The header is in SYS1.SCUNHF so… Read More »

Running MH05 MQ Event Display on z/OS

The MH05 SupportPac reads or browses the MQ EVENT queues, formats and prints the messages and, optionally, emails them.  The SupportPac information is here:  MH05 There aren’t good instructions included on how to run this on z/OS, although it is supported.  This is what I did: Put these files into a directory. javax.mail.jar mail.config… Read More »