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X34 – Update with Path Support

I’m working on updating X34 to support Unix directory paths in addition to datasets. X34 lists all datasets for high-level qualifiers FOO.BAR X34 SYS%.**.H any 3.4 mask will work X34 /path lists Unix directory /path NEW X34 ~/path referencing from home directory works, too NEW X34 uses the dataset or Unix path name at… Read More »

ldapsearch Phone Directory

Back in the day we kept phone number in a dataset which we’d browse with ISPF and find the number we needed.  Then we improved it a bit with an ISPF BRIF service program that filtered the lines of the dataset based upon an input search parameter saving the “FIND” step.  At first we maintained… Read More »


ISPF Option 3.4 is great.  REFLISTs are also pretty good, but they are little used and a bit inconvenient.  This project sets up an ISPF command table entry to invoke a Rexx exec that will give a Dataset List (i.e. option 3.4-like) panel based upon a REFLIST or high-level qualifier or userid/second-level qualifier.  This is… Read More »