Running MH05 MQ Event Display on z/OS

By | January 7, 2014

The MH05 SupportPac reads or browses the MQ EVENT queues, formats and prints the messages and, optionally, emails them.  The SupportPac information is here:  MH05

There aren’t good instructions included on how to run this on z/OS, although it is supported.  This is what I did:

Put these files into a directory.

javax.mail.jar is not included, but is found on

I transferred them from my workstation in binary mode then modified the format of mail.config & (using ISPF option 3.17) to have CRLF, CCSID 819 and Automatic Conversion:

(You might need export _BPXK_AUTOCVT="ON" in your personal .profile file.)

Update the script according to the instructions.  java.library.path will be something like /usr/lpp/mqm/V7R0M1/java/lib and don’t forget to add javax.mail.jar to the classpath.  Mine looks like this:

Update mail.config to suit your needs.

Then run with JCL:

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