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RxRandom Revisited — Metal C

Continuing the Writing a Rexx Function in C and the follow-on Updated RxRandom External Rexx Function (in C) discussion, can I convert RxRandom to Metal C? I originally worked on writing Rexx external function in C using the System Programmer C facility; this was before Metal C existed. There should be some performance benefit to… Read More »


What good are regular sockets when, in today’s environment of complex compliance requirements, we need to encrypt data in flight?  Building on my early post on COBOL POSIX Sockets, let’s show how to convert it to use SSL. Since we are acting as an SSL client and not a server (and no client certificates will… Read More »

Updated RxRandom External Rexx Function (in C)

The Rexx external function RXRANDOM I wrote about before is not very compatible with the IBM provided (and standard Rexx) RANDOM internal function. The one I wrote initially took no arguments, and so did not demonstrate how to handle arguments, whereas the built-in function takes min, max and seed arguments. I can handle the min… Read More »

Writing a Rexx Function in C

Suppose there is a C language runtime function you’d like to be able to access from Rexx.  Or maybe you want to call some other system service, IGGCSI00 perhaps, and leverage tools such as sprintf() to build nice looking output. You could write an LE enabled assembler Rexx external function to call the routine or,… Read More »