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Running MH05 MQ Event Display on z/OS

The MH05 SupportPac reads or browses the MQ EVENT queues, formats and prints the messages and, optionally, emails them.  The SupportPac information is here:  MH05 There aren’t good instructions included on how to run this on z/OS, although it is supported.  This is what I did: Put these files into a directory. com.ibm.xmq.events-1.6.jar javax.mail.jar mail.config… Read More »

Compiling a java Program for CICS

You might want to use JCL to compile java programs for your CICS environment. Probably, you already have standard procedures for compiling other language types. Java source programs compile into class files which must be in the Unix file system instead in load libraries. So, just as you would have separate libraries for separate development… Read More »

Need a Translate Table?

Back before z/OS had Unicode Services available to do character transactions before code pages, there was something called CDRA. As of z/OS 1.13 it is still there as a part of DFHSMSdfp but it is only briefly mentioned.  There is more documentation here. IBM has been a leader in keeping track of internationalization issues, as you… Read More »

Automatic Automatic Restart Management

Automatic Restart Management (ARM) is a great think but complicated to implement into an existing application.  The main subsystems will handle it, such as CICS, IMS, etc.  But for your homegrown servers, it’s a roll your own proposition.  One would think so, anyway. There is a little known document, a Red Paper that never made… Read More »

Pipes & Batch

Let’s say you have couple of job steps where the second step reads the output of the first and perhaps they aren’t running as quickly as you’d like.   It would be nice to multitask these programs to run them at the same time to reduce the overall elapsed time but you can’t really read the… Read More »