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What good are regular sockets when, in today’s environment of complex compliance requirements, we need to encrypt data in flight?  Building on my early post on COBOL POSIX Sockets, let’s show how to convert it to use SSL. Since we are acting as an SSL client and not a server (and no client certificates will… Read More »


What good is it to have the relatively new COBOL verbs XML-PARSE and XML-GENERATE without a web client or server? Well, I am being a little facetious.  You could use an MQ request-reply model, but, for instance, you probably wouldn’t use the native COBOL XML support in a CICS program since CICS has it’s own… Read More »

ldapsearch Phone Directory

Back in the day we kept phone number in a dataset which we’d browse with ISPF and find the number we needed.  Then we improved it a bit with an ISPF BRIF service program that filtered the lines of the dataset based upon an input search parameter saving the “FIND” step.  At first we maintained… Read More »