X34 – Update with Path Support

By | August 27, 2013

I’m working on updating X34 to support Unix directory paths in addition to datasets.

X34 foo.bar lists all datasets for high-level qualifiers FOO.BAR
X34 SYS%.**.H any 3.4 mask will work
X34 /path lists Unix directory /path NEW
X34 ~/path referencing from home directory works, too NEW
X34 uses the dataset or Unix path name at the cursor position
if any, otherwise lists all datasets for the current
X34 .FOO lists datasets from the REFLIST FOO, if it exists,
otherwise lists datasets for high-level qualifier userid/prefix.FOO
X34 ./FOO lists Unix files from the REFLIST FOO NEW
X34 . bring up the personal data list list, alias of REFOPEND
X34 .REFLIST data set list based upon the last 30 referenced datasets
X34 ./REFLIST Unix path list based upon the last 30 referenced unix files NEW

This is what I have so far:

/*% NOCOMMENT Rexx Procedure X34 */
/* USAGE:  X34 {shortcut}
**   If the shortcut is a '.'
**     bring up the list of Personal Data Set Lists (REFOPEND)
**   If the shortcut is missing, use a dataset name or unix path
**     at the cursor position or use 'Sysvar('SYSPREF')'
**   If the shortcut begins with a '.', pass to Data Set List
**     after removing the period, unquoted so a DLS name or subsequent
**     level dataset name qualifier/mask.  Use ./xxx for unix directories
**     defined to list xxx
**   If the shortcut begins with a '/', pass to Data Set List (UDLIST)
**   Otherwise, pass through to the DSLIST command as a DSName Prefix
**     (quoted) or unix path
** Use the REFOPEND command to set up Personal Data Set Lists
Parse Arg shortcut . /* case matters for unix */
If (shortcut = ".") Then Do
  return RC
dslist_type = "DSL"
scrname  = "X34"
If shortcut = "" Then Do     /* none specifed, check cursor postiion */
  If Substr(zscreeni,zscreenc+1,1) <> " " Then Do
    zscreeni = Strip(Translate(zscreeni,'    ', "=()+,'"))
    b = Lastpos(' ',zscreeni,zscreenc+1)
    Parse Value Substr(zscreeni,b) With shortcut .
    If shortcut <> "" Then
      shortcut = shortcut
If Pos('/',shortcut) = 0 Then dslist_type = 'DSL'
                         Else dslist_type = "UDL"
If shortcut = '' Then Do     /* Still none, use default */
  scrname  = Sysvar('SYSPREF')
  shortcut = "'"Sysvar('SYSPREF')"'"
Else Do
  If shortcutpfx <> "'" Then
    If shortcutpfx <> '.' Then Do
      If Pos('/',shortcut) = 0 Then Do
        shortcut = "'"shortcut"'"  /* DSN level, not DSLIST name */
        scrname = Translate(shortcut, '     ', "~'./%*")
    Else Do
      If Left(shortcut,2) = "./" Then
        shortcut = Translate(Substr(shortcut" ",3))
        shortcut = Translate(Substr(shortcut" ",2))
      If (shortcut <> "") Then
        scrname = Translate(shortcut, '     ', "~'./%*")
Parse Var scrname scrname .
"SELECT PGM(ISRDSLST) PARM("dslist_type shortcut") SUSPEND SCRNAME("scrname")",
Return RC

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